Disorder EP

by Narcotic Fields

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released November 11, 2013



all rights reserved


Narcotic Fields Brno, Czech Republic

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Track Name: Hive

The room is locked
Outside it has begun
And I'm so weak
I know what shall be done

But it's too late
I feel them all inside
I'm mother, I'm fate
not widow, not bride

Feel all their confusion
And all their pain
And all their anger
They all have the same

I did my best
and I have failed
They'll do the rest
Hive will exhale

Walking through the chambers
In my memories
Repeating all my prayers
All that theories

Smell of flowers breezing
Yes, my honey's home
It could have been last forever
All life long
Track Name: Lack Of You

Like a cometh you are

Shining and calm

This is my desire

To fly and shine with you

But you're gone too far

And there's left no harm

You just started a fire

That I'm going through



Too many Me's

And lack of You's

The space between us

No time to waste

When one's enough

Then two is too much

You stay out proud

And leave in haste

(You) Don't let me in

(You) Won't let me touch

I'm too weird

You're kissing the moon

Won't ever hear

Hear my call
Track Name: Say It Again
Say It Again

You wanna say it again

With better meaning

To make precise understand

For what you're giving

Searching for fun in darkness

Looseness performed as succes

Sending on multiadress

New true in piece

Your special information

Invoke reaction

Deep print indelible

With tight connection

Easy immortality

I continue without me

In inflatable city

Where dead increase


I can switch you off and on

Whenever I need

Jailed ghost in my phone

Should be better sweet

When Iĺl need a change, I will

Visit you alive

Attention guaranteed

No suffer no cry


You are my theme to talk

with my fellows

The social feature

I send you hallos

Your absence makes me more


And it works for you the same and

that's the best thing

I have my lover online

Keeping the distance

How are you? I am so fine

Getting to this trance

Sorry, I rather watch you

Better when I can't touch you

I loose my concentration

Feeling you next to me

I wanna say it again

But there's no reason

You can repeat me you can

have mechanism

No duty completely free

We don't need even to be

Still together perfectly

Everything works already